Dubai: Job Opportunities for Millions of Pakistanis 2019-2020

Dubai has now become an attractive country for the world due to its commercial, economic and business importance. The role of the Pakistani workforce in the development of Dubai has been prominent in the past. But now 7 million new jobs are opening in Dubai, but seemingly, the Pakistani government is unaware of this. According to a trade and economic analysis of daily war correspondent Afzal Nadeem Dogar, this year In the event of 7 million job opportunities fortunately knocking on Pakistan's doorstep, our government is probably negligent in this regard, while our rival developing countries have been trying to take maximum advantage of this golden opportunity since last year. Are engaged The World Trade Exhibition is being held in the city of Dubai in the UAE in 2020.

According to sources, Dubai authorities started preparations for it last year when the host country decided to host the World Expo 2020. The World Expo will continue for six months in 2020, with an estimated 4 million people from all over the world visiting Dubai. Preparations that began immediately to hold it have now entered the Middle East. It is estimated that the authorities are building all infrastructure to prepare for this global exhibition and according to experts, domestic and foreign companies, companies and individuals are engaged in securing contracts and businesses. It is estimated that these companies and companies will need about 17 million new workers in the form of engineers, experts and laborers for various matters. Authorities and organizations from India, Bangladesh and other concerned countries have been lobbying for the last year to recruit their citizens at these new jobs of every level. Experts from these countries, based in Dubai and other Gulf countries, are seen busy meeting their officials, relevant agencies and officials. But apart from the individual efforts of the Pakistanis, nothing was seen by the government or government agencies. During this delegation's visit to Dubai, the leader of Pakistan Muslim League and former center Anwar Baig looked quite upset and excited,

In an interview, he said he was personally visiting the Gulf countries to assess the situation. Anwar Baig, who is also a specialist in the affairs of Overseas Pakistanis in Pakistan, estimated that the event took place in Dubai. About 15 to 17 million workers are needed. He says that because of the close Islamic Brotherhood and the close proximity of the Dubai-led year-to-year, Pakistan has first and foremost rights on these proposals, and if the government tries, there could be as many as eight million Pakistanis. He said that Pakistanis would earn their foreign exchange directly to Pakistan. As of 2014, the number of Indians is 1.5 million compared to 13 million Pakistanis living in Dubai. The proportion of Pakistanis compared to India has decreased over the past decade due to lack of government intervention. According to sources, if the government is not interested in the current situation, the ratio will increase. Dubai officials say Dubai will become the biggest hub of trade activities by holding the World Expo 2020. UAE Minister of State and Managing Director of Dubai Expo 2020 Auction Committee, Rim Elhashmi, said that the UAE will recognize the exhibition to which it is entitled.
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