Samsung's most expensive smartphone in history 2019 Gondal news

Seoul (Web Desk) Samsung's First Foldable Phone is finally being offered for sale after considerable delay. According to the new Korean site Yonep News, Samsung is introducing the Galaxy Fold on September 6.

 It will be presented for sale in South Korea on September 6, which is interesting because the technology exhibition IFA Trade Show will be launched in Berlin on the same day, this phone will be introduced there, it is not yet clear. Introduced during the first quarter of this year but was delayed in the sale. This was due to problems with the design of the phone. And Samsung said a few months ago that these issues have been overcome and it will be introduced in September. Galaxy Fold is actually Samsung's third flagship phone this year, with no less features and this one before April. I wanted to be available to users. This phone comes with an Infinite Flex screen and on display or 4.6 inches while the phone is open and 7.3 inches when opened. In frontable mode, its front screen is unlike any normal smartphone.
Works like this, but once an app like Google Maps is switched on after a device is switched to a larger display, everything gets bigger. By the way, this large display will be extremely efficient for multi-tasking and users will be able to use 3 apps simultaneously. In February, the company announced that it will be rolling out to the Galaxy GTE LTE as well as FiveG Warden.

 The company did not say about the phone's processor at the time, but said it would be a 7nm CPU, but according to the company, 512 GBUFS 3.0 storage space would be given. The battery will be part of this device. In this phone the company has given 6 cameras, one of which has setup of three cameras 16 megapixel ultra wide shooter, the other 12 megapixel. The telephoto lens, while the third is a 12 megapixel dual-pixel wide camera with optical stabilization with 2 apertures. There is a dual-selfie camera setup on the front, one of which is a 10-megapixel dual-pixel when using the device on tablet mode. There is a wide camera and another 8 megapixel RGB depth camera. Likewise, a 10-megapixel dual-pixel selfie camera is also offered on the folded mode. In February, it is priced at US $ 1980 (over Rs. It was said, what will happen now, is difficult to say, but it is clear that this will be the most expensive phone in the history of Samsung. The aim is also to known to blow iPhones Apple because Apple announced on September 10 to present their new phones.
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