Work in Japan: Japan Work Visa Requirements and Application Process.

Japan work visa is the best choice for all those who want to live and work abroad. More than one million foreign workers were working abroad in Japan at the end of last year which is a record in the history of Japan. Recent reports have revealed that Japan is facing a severe labor shortage in all significant sectors and wants to bring more than 345,000 foreign workers over the next five years. However, foreigners need to obtain Japan work permit to start work in Japan. We are going to share different types of Japan work visas and their application

Types of Japan Work Visa:

There are four major categories of Japan work visa and work permits. The list of Japan work visas is given below:
1. New Specified Skills Work Visa
2. General Working Visa
3. Working Holiday Visa
4. High Skilled Professional Visa

1.New Specified Skills Work Visa:

This a newly designed work visa, known as specified skill visa or blue collar work visa. The new specified skills work visa was launched on 1st April 2019. The visa is purely started to meet the labor shortage in Japan. Japanese government aims to bring nearly 345000 foreign workers through the new work visa program. The maximum duration of this visa is five years .

Key Features of New Specified Skills Work Visa:

    You do not need any third party services like agents or recruitment agencies for this work visa.
    Usually, some designated department of your home country like Overseas Department will conduct language and skills test for recruitment.
    You have to pass Japanese language test and skills test to be eligible for this work visa.
    Although this is a sponsored visa yet you do not have to find a job offer by yourself. The Overseas department of your home country will arrange job offer and sponsorship for your work visa.
    You can live and work up to five years with initial visa. After five years, you can convert your visa into another type of visa which will allow you to live and work there forever and sponsor your family as well.
    You do not need to be highly qualified. 10 years education like metric certificate will be enough, however, the more the better.

Eligible Occupations for New Work Visa System.

Foreigners can apply Specified Skills visa to work in 14 industrial sectors in Japan because these sectors need more workforce. Here is the list of fourteen industries:
1. Restaurants
2. Hotels
3. nursing care
4. building cleaning
5. agriculture
6. fishery
7. food and beverage
8. materials processing
9. industrial machinery
10. electronics and electric machinery
11. construction
12. shipbuilding
13. vehicle maintenance
14. airport ground handling & aircraft maintenance

Eligible Countries for New Specified Skills Visa:

Currently Japan has signed MOU with nine countries to import skilled workers. Test to assess skills, expertise and Japanese language proficiency, are being conducted in these nine countries. However, Japanese government is continuously in talks with other countries to make agreement for manpower import.  Here is the list of 9 countries:

    Pakistan (Recently, Japanese ambassador announced that Japan is ready to import labor from Pakistan under new specified skills work visa system. A memorandum or understanding (MOU) will be signed between Japan and Pakistan within one month in this regard. Once MOC is signed between both countries, A designated government department of Pakistan will announce further details about requirement and application process. We will update the page then.)

It doesn’t mean that people from other countries cannot apply Japan work visa. This restriction is only for a new blue-collar Specified skills work permit. Other countries citizens are still eligible to apply for different types of Japan work visa like High skilled professional work visa or general working visa.

Categories of New Work Visa

There are further two categories under this visa system.

     Specified Skill No. 1 Visa.
    Specified Skills No. 2 Visa

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