2019 Google SEO Top Exposures Top 10 Trends

There are over 200 known Google SEO algorithms, and Google's goal is to provide users with better results. But Google's algorithms are constantly changing elements, like the rules of the game, so we don't know or need to know them all.

As with all search engines, Google continues to work to improve the quality of search results, and the Google SEO algorithm changes in the process. The ranking factors that mattered today may become less important tomorrow, and the factors that do not matter today can be a huge factor tomorrow.

So what are some of the key algorithms that will help my site leap up in 2019? Here are the top 10 Google SEO Top 10 exposure trends!

Google SEO 2019 Essential Optimizer Rankings 10

1. Relationship between keywords and contents

If the content doesn't relate to the keyword or to the user's intent, Google won't rank it. Due to the evolution of the Google SEO algorithm, sites that only increase volume with content that is not related to abuse of keywords are considered spam. How much more content you create than how much content you create is how you optimize your site. Remember, Jill than concessions!

2. user residence time; How long users stay on the site
If the user finds the content they want, the time spent on the site will be longer. On the other hand, if the site is not, the user will be redirected to another site to find more relevant information. It's important to note that once a user leaves the site, they never visit it again.

3. Provide accurate business information
Information about your business, consisting of Google maps, My business, Local Pack, and more, is driving more traffic than you can imagine. That's why it's important to organize and own data about your business. Optimizing these wiki data and location data is extremely important and most attractive in that it takes less time and money than other marketing methods.

4.Use responsive web and mobile optimization
It is no wonder that brands without a mobile website are less competitive than brands without a mobile website! Without responsive and mobile-optimized pages, you can easily measure how much damage you have. In fact, when you search for the same keyword on the PC and mobile version, the ranking is showing a difference. This is related to Google's interest in the mobile market in the future and will be a major factor of Google SEO.

5. Uniqueness of site-wide content
Keeping your entire website unique and deduplicating your content can help make crawling your site faster and easier. To make it easy for Google to see your site.

6.Mobile-friendly page
With the rapid increase in mobile users via smartphones, it is time to optimize the mobile in addition to the PC version. You can find out if your site is mobile-friendly or not at:
Google Mobile Friendly Test Page

7.Content uniqueness of the page
You must provide your users with unique content that can only be seen on your site, not content that can be viewed on other sites. Keep your site content up to date with the unique content for the best pages.

8.Faster page loads
It's important to improve your site so that it's the fastest page to load. What Google wants is to make it easy and quick to meet users.
Google page load speed measurement page

9.Improving clickthrough rates; Structured Data (Rich Snippets)
The structured data tells search engines how to interpret the content and displays it in SERP. With structured data, you can enhance your search list in several ways. Using data from knowledge graphs and rich snippets, data shows that you can actually improve your clickthrough rate by 30%.

A voting and evaluation system can be applied to the homepage so that users can participate directly, which can be easily applied to programs provided to various sites. There are many structured data formats, but most SEOs adhere to Schema.org as a standard.

10.Google SERP CTR
Site visits and clickthrough rates are a very important factor in Google SEO. The promotion of your site begins with the creation of sites / content that many users want to visit through more attractive titles and description tags. Of course, irrelevant meta tags and irrelevant content should be avoided!
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