Huawei's New 5G Smartphone For Sale In Minutes

Beijing: Huawei, China's largest smartphone maker, launched the 5G smartphone Mobile Mate 20X just minutes after it was sold.
According to a report, Huawei launched its first FIVE G-Mobile as promised in August, with all the units booked within a short time.

At present, Huawei Mate X is the only smartphone mobile in the world which is providing services to SA and NSA along with FiG.

Huawei's latest mobile is priced at US $ 880 for 6,600 ninety yuan, which makes Pakistan one lakh forty thousand rupees.

Earlier Huawei's Mate 20X Mobile has been launched, but the new version also has the convenience of FiveG.

Remember last week, Huawei introduced its operating system to the market for fear of losing Android rights.

In this regard, Richard Yu, an official at Huawei's company, inaugurated the Harmony operating system, called Hong Kong in Chinese, at the press conference, saying that Harmony will bring innovative new services to consumers worldwide.

He said that The modern operating system is completely different from Android, it is much safer and better in performance.

He said that we will launch this operating system at any time this year on our smartphone devices.

Yu said that if Android usage is completely banned, we will move our devices completely to our operating system.

Huawei last month decided to end its reliance on Android, the world's most popular mobile operating system, despite US sanctions easing.

According to Huawei founder Ren Xin-Fi, the company has its own Hong Meng operating system faster and better than Android, and we will gradually abandon the old system.

The Hong Kong operating system is 60 percent faster than Android, he said, and is not specific to mobile phones only.

The operating system manufactured by Huawei Company can also be used on Internet routers, information storage centers, printed circuit boards and automated driving vehicles.

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