The most expensive phone in the world

This iPhone 5 in solid gold is encrusted with 653 diamonds. It is the work of a British designer known for his expensive creations.

The iPhone 5 Black Diamond is the most expensive phone in the world: 11.9 million euros. © Stuart Hughes

And the most expensive phone in the world is ... the iPhone 5 Black Diamond. He found a buyer in April 2013 in the person of a wealthy Chinese businessman for the sum of 10 million pounds, or 11.8 million euros at the time. The frame of this solid gold phone is inlaid with a band of 600 diamonds, while the apple logo has been recreated with 53 diamonds. And it's another diamond, a black stone of 26 carats, which acts as a button to start. As for the screen, it is sapphire crystal, guaranteed anti-scratch. Other models of 100% bling-bling but slightly more accessible phones are available for purchase at, which markets the creations of British designer Stuart Hughes, the origin of this phone. Count still between 2,450 and 4,130 euros to shop.

Stuart Hughes is a regular in luxury items for millionaires. He has already designed Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers made from 32 kilos of gold, a gold and diamond Wii game console, a € 32.2 million liquor bottle and even a 6 million iPad. made with real dinosaur bone fragments 65 million years old. Also note that the designer Stuart Hughes has also attacked the iPhone 6: iPhone 6s Solid 24ct Gold Edition, available in limited edition (100 copies), is offered at 19 995 pounds (nearly 26 000 euros ). Often cited when it comes to the most expensive phones in the world, the Falcon Supernova Pink Diamond iPhone 6, a solid gold version of the Apple iPhone 6 and adorned with a big pink diamond back, has been imagined by the American Falcon Luxury Group. Its price: 48.5 million dollars (43.6 million euros). To date, no transaction has been identified.

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