Improve your SEO in this 2019-20: 8 useful tips

Although SEO is not something new, the truth is that many people struggle every day to position themselves in search engines, sometimes without any result. Search engines are becoming increasingly intelligent. Google now answers more questions directly on its results page, and the number of voice searches is constantly increasing.
The ways in which search engines position the content are constantly changing , adapting to the demanding searches that users perform. If you are interested in evolving your way of positioning web pages, do not miss this article. You will learnhow SEO will work in this coming 2019, and you will stay in the first results of any search engine.

1. Figure in the “featured snippets”

Featured snippets are pieces of content that appear on the Google results page. They seek to answer the queries of their users in a quick and concise manner , without the person having to enter a website (or several) to find the answer to their query Sometimes the fragments carry images , which may be from another website, if Google believes that another image can better clarify the user's doubts.
Organic results have a lot of competition. And not only for the ads, but for these short and quick answers that Google places at the top of the results page, along with the "related questions" section. In 2019 it will be even harder to be visible in the high positions of the results pages. To optimize your website, a good strategy is to compete so that your content appears in the featured snippets.
A good idea is to structure your content with subtitles that have a question, and the paragraph with its answer. The tables with structured information can also ensure that we show up on a snippet featured, above all organic results. Even if there is a lot of competition, “smaller” websites also have a good chance of appearing first if they manage to provide well-structured answers that Google can use. Ask yourself, what does my target audience want to know when doing an internet search? The more you answer your questions with your content, the greater your chances of positioning high.

2. User experience

Today, we no longer optimize content for search engines, but for users who use such search engines. For this reason, the user experience plays a role that increasingly increases in importance.
First, to improve the user experience you must optimize the loading speed of your page . For this you have several tools, such as gtmetrix or Google PageSpeed. In addition, websites must be technically flawless. Users are becoming more and more demanding, and they need to be able to trust that your website will be usable without any problems. A good tip is to no longer use Adobe Flash , for example. Another thing to keep in mind is that more than half of all search engine queries are made from smartphones or tablets. This makes it increasingly important to optimize our website to adapt to these devices.
SEO web optimization 2019

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and it is an initiative made by Google that was created with the aim of improving the loading speed on mobile web pages . Basically, an AMP version of our content is a copy of the pages we already have for desktop PCs, but lighter. MPAs are already an integral part of Google’s search results. This is expected to increase and grow by 2019.
It is advisable to adapt your content to AMP, as Google will put those articles at the top of the search results on mobile devices. If you have WordPress, you should know that there is already a plugin with which you can generate an AMP version of your posts.

4. Content matters

Although Google's algorithms are getting better with each passing hour, they still need content in the form of text that allows them to assess the relevance of a website against a particular search. Google has made great advances in the analysis of textual content and understands it better today than in the past.
Your goal is, therefore, to continue trying to offer the best content in your niche . Check your texts constantly and make sure they remain unique and offer added value . You don't have to do this alone: ​​there are several tools to perform text analysis. They will show you what terms your text should contain to be as relevant as possible in relation to a particular search term.

5. Voice search

Thanks to the increasing use of digital assistants and smart devices, users will probably use functions such as voice search more frequently in this 2019. That's why you should focus more on longtail keywords or key phrases when optimizing content. It may also be useful to anticipate possible user questions that your content will answer.

6. Google Mobile First Index

The mobile first has been implemented by Google in the summer of 2018. Thanks to it, Google chooses search results exclusively based on the information it finds in the mobile version of a website. If your website does not have a mobile version, you should hurry.

7. Importance of links

The backlinks (links on external websites that lead to ours) will continue to play a fundamental role. Through the backlinks we acquire authority that Google recognizes when positioning a page. The “linkless backlinks” may be even more important in 2019. These are the mentions of websites or brands on other websites, although there are no direct links references to the target website.
Of course, in 2019 backlinks that are inserted in posts or websites of poor quality will no longer work. You must invest in unique content that users enjoy consuming or sharing. Always think about whether a certain link to your page really offers the user added value.
wordpress SEO 2019

8. Focus on image search

Google has significantly improved its search by image lately, responding to an increasingly growing trend among users. This should give you the necessary incentive to optimize your visual material : try to use better images than your competitors.
Like last year, it is convenient to think holistically when creating content for a website. The content must be a coherent interaction of visual material (images or video) and text. You must take into account the added value that is given to the user and cover a topic as comprehensively as possible.


This is the list of tasks for you, who want to improve your SEO in this 2019:
- Add structured data (or "schema markup") to your website so Google can create snippets. In this way, you can increase your CTR in the results pages.
- Create a technically perfect website that is absolutely optimized for mobile phones and can be easily detected and indexed by search engines.
-Try to make your website as fast as possible .
- Focus on optimizing your content for mobile devices.
-Don't think primarily about backlinks when publishing content on other websites, focus on quality and added value for the user.
-Always try to satisfy the user's need in certain search terms or topics.

SEO is a long and exhausting task but it gives many satisfactions once we get it to work. Tell us in the comments, what strategies will you use in this 2019 so that your SEO takes off? What are you having problems in?
If you need more help look at SEO Noergia or you can also inform yourself at the SEO agency BlackBeast.

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