Make Money On YouTube Without Advertising

Now what you need to know is that there are much more profitable techniques . I'm making this video for you because I want to share this with you, and I think it's really a great deal right now if you want to make money on the internet, enjoy all the excitement around YouTube, while creating a system, an alternative business.
If you are watching this video, you are bound to monetize your videos through advertising . You have to have or publish about one video per day, which will make about 200,000 views, after a year you will have about 200 videos, and all your videos will benefit from YouTube referencing , that means that they will keep making money, even if you've stopped making other videos.
It is interesting to create videos that will be consumable in the long term , that is to say videos that will always be current. So this is really the secret of passive income.
Now, there is a technique that works much better than advertising, this technique has no particular name, but it's going to be selling information products , some of you who follow my YouTube channel, know how to what I am talking about, for these people, I invite you directly to look at the link in the description, you will already have a lot more information on how to sell your own information products, ie "how to create an e-book? »« How to create a video training? "And" how to earn money? ".

Selling information products on YouTube

Suppose you give advice on your YouTube channel, to help people have a good look, you will attract people who will want to rework their look. So you create videos , you help them for free on your YouTube channel, and then you can offer them to go further, by buying video training or e-books .
What will work best will be either video training , or what we will call guides , then guides, I learned it from one of my blogger friends, it's a mixture e-books, which will have large PDF files, and audio files inside. For example you have 3 hours of audio, and about twenty files that you will be able to read, for example, summary sheets and audio files, that you will be able to listen to in public transport, in your car etc.
So here it is, this is an example of a product that you will be able to sell . Once you are going to create your videos, at the end you will be able to say to them bah listen: "what I propose to you is to click below to receive something free" so you first propose something that is completely free , for example you create your fashion blog and you say: "bah listen, me what I suggest is to click below to receive an hour of training offered so that we can determine together which is the best style that suits you, based on such criteria. "
People are going to want to look at your hour of training offered, are going to have access to it, but you, you are going to impose a small condition , you are going to say: "wait, me what I offer you is to give me your e-mail and then I could send you the training time to help you improve your dress style "
There will be roughly 45% of the people who will listen to your proposal, who will agree to give you their email, to receive your hour of training offered, and then you will be able to send them emails by telling these people: "bah look, yesterday I sent this to you for free, do you want more? "
People who are going to want more advice, more specific advice, will be able to buy your information products . 
Well, that's how we live on our YouTube channel , and it's much easier. There you go, listen, there is a video that I had already made, I don't know if you have already seen it, there is the link that appears here, it is a video where I show you how to win 150 € with 1000 views and not 25 euro cents for 1000 views so here, again, we are totally in another logic, which proves that we do not need to make 200,000 views to win 50 € .
Next, you have 600,000 views with advertising, you will have to have 600,000 views to have € 150 in your pocket, otherwise you have my method which is there, where I show you how to earn € 150 for 1000 views only , or 600 times fewer views than advertising on YouTube .
I think you understood the importance of creating a channel that is specialized , again, the idea of ​​advertising on YouTube is that you have to create videos that are specialized, why? Just because you're going to attract an audience that is specialized , suddenly YouTube will be able to better determine the advertisements that will click the most, so again, even if you only want to live advertising on YouTube, be specialized.
If you use the method that I recommend on the video, which appears here and in the description of the video, if you are on mobile or tablet, I would show you that concretely the real key to success , it's going to be specialization, everything simply, because you will be able, with very few videos, to attract very few people who will be really interested , and the idea is to attract only people who are really interested, to offer them something interesting and something specialized.
That's why these people are going to give you money , that's why they're going to pay you, and I know what I'm talking about, since I, what's going on my YouTube channel, there are currently a little more than 2000 people, besides it went up very quickly, you were 2000 there is that I think 2 weeks, and not even in a week we went to 2200, so much the better is cool.
You are people who are attracted to the field of content creation , whether it is the creation of articles, or the creation of a blog or the creation of YouTube channels, the creation of guides, the creation of information products, and you are ready to make money on the internet.
This is why you are on my YouTube channel, because it is simply specialized . Bah listen to this video is finished, I invite you to click on the link which appears in the description to access the following video, and suddenly I will show you in the following video how to earn 150 € for 1000 views , on this , I leave you, now it's the sunset in Thailand, it's beautiful, hi.
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